The Osborne Hotel – week 2

Clearing the rooms

Week 2 – More good news as we come to the end of week 2

We have cleared out the 7 rooms on the 2nd & 3rd floors & everything in the lower rooms have been done.

Dave the painters eagerness to make his mark, slightly backfired on us this week, with the level 2 corridor becoming wall paper free !!! – real big apologies for this.

We decided to take all the bathrooms back to the timbers. Athlone (the smallest room, providing us with the biggest headache as we tried to strengthen the back wall (the one with the kink in it !!)

We have managed to give the bathroom a 900mm quad shower tray & enclosure and still have enough room for the toilet to one side & the basin & mirror on the other side.

Baths & sanitaryware have arrived at the hotel and this will be used over the next couple of weeks.

We have started on the lower corridor today (Thursday), having started to take the paper off the walls – Yes i did check with Anthony !!!

We should by end of play tomorrow have the majority of the wall paper off. With the 3 rooms adjacent to the corridor, this will become the focus for the decorators as these will be given back to the hotel 1st.

Equally important is the rooms on level 2 & 3 as these will have baths fitted from Monday (not athlone – this is a shower only). 

We should see Robbie the Tiler making an appearance on Monday and ready to bring tiles to all of the bathrooms !

Exciting times ahead.

Stay tuned

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