Redbay TQ update Feb 2019

Finishing touches to the loft conversion

Apologies for the gap between the last blog on Paignton but work got in the way !!

I am pleased to say that apart from Carpets (but these have been ordered from Cozy flooring of Newton Abbot) the room in the roof is now complete.

A massive effort from every trade has ensured that a two bedroom & an en-suite shower room has been completed without any fuss or bother. The colour schemes give the room plenty of light & life and when you add in the softer furnishings, this really is a wonderful addition to an already large bungalow.

Brushed Chrome sockets & switches blend well with the lights & radiators and the feel for the room is as wonderful as the thoughts that we had for the place, when we first started to put the first bits of the project together.

The client has been wonderful in allowing us to have full use of the property throughout the project and it’s a pleasure to be able to give her a room, which she even states “ has gone way past her expectations” – I will take that as a smallish compliment.

If you feel that a room in the roof project is something that would enhance your property then feel free to give me a call, preferably before 9pm but I have taken calls in the dead of night !!! – that’s not me asking for trouble.


Phil Bayliss

Estimating and project manager

RedbayTQ Limited

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