Room in the roof – Heathfield

Home owners Dave & Ava Clewer came to us, after being recommended by a friend. They were looking to add some more bedroom space to their Cozy 3 bedroom house.

The idea from them, was to put a room in the roof.

We gave them a price, which was accepted & work began.

With the floor strengthened & Insulation added before the Chipboard went down, we set about re-designing the standard fink trusses that are standard to a modern day build.

With stairs added and all the debris taken away, we allowed Dave & Ava to have their first look at the project…..They were blown away. The surprisingly dinghy sized roof had been opened up and gave them a beautiful space for a bedroom.

With Roof windows added & partitions built, and electric socket & switches added, we set about putting the relevant Insulation & plasterboard & skim plaster in place.

Cupboard doors for space within the voids were built, paint was applied to the walls & the ceilings. A lick of gloss paint was added to the skirting’s & architraves & the carpet was laid.

The transformation of the roof was done. Dave & Ava were extremely happy and we had managed to save them a few quid for a rainy day.

With everyone pleased, we tidied up and made our way home. A good job done very well.

The great thing for us, is that both Dave & Ava tell everyone about the project.