Osborne Hotel Week 4

Week 4 has been a decent week. Lots of progress all around the hotel.

The 3 lower rooms are all but done. A good week on these has seen electrics done, wall papering done and doors done, which leaves carpet and furniture next week and a hand over on Thursday . A little glitch has been the radiators & the fact that a minus 14 hold on the pipe for 45 minutes did nothing to slow the water, which came out like Niagara falls !!! – We will take a look on Monday

Top floor rooms has seen 2 finished as far as the papering goes. Roger onto Darwin before he goes back to Partridge.

Robbie the tiler has gone as far as he can but will have the 2 rooms on level 2 to complete before he gives himself a well earned rest of Friday !

The path is now mapped out over the next few weeks, with rooms and then corridors given back to the hotel……and hopefully on time




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