23 November Weekly update

Grange road is finished ! – A fantastic project for us has come to an end. The video shows how the houses look, within the confides of grange road & the Ellacombe estate.

A former Cavanna piece of land, which lay dormant for many years, was snapped up by a local business and was quickly designed into the properties that exist today !

18 months of work on the houses also incorporated a very specific and very detailed retaining wall system.

With space at a premium, we needed a quicker & easier route on the main building product…..the blockwork !

A visit from Durisol & some gathering of information, quickly made this block the obvious choice for this build. The block comes in 4 thicknesses 170 & 250mm primarily for the party-walls of the property (we used the 250mm module) and 300 & 365mm for the external work (we opted for the 300mm block) as we were tight for space.

The blocks are lightweight but are sturdy enough to make sure the build is rigid. They are dry laid and in the normal inter-locking way of a standard build. The first obvious advantage on these blocks are how quick you can create 9 courses (the right amount of courses for the concrete pour). The second advantage on this block is the u values contributing from this block and the materials around it. Our project gave the u value build up at 0.22wk/m (The allowed rate is 0.30wk/m) so considerably warmer than the standard masonry 2 skin system.

The 300mm block carries 120mm of PIR Insulation , again thicker than the standard requirement. The third significant advantage on these blocks are the fire resistance. These blocks don’t burn. Tests carried out in the laboratory show the blocks glowing but never catch fire. They easily surpass the 60 minutes you would require to pass the common local authority tests.

Openings for doors & windows are easy to form and tying in the party-walls to the main build come curtesy of angled reinforcing bars on raised platforms. With timber bracing to strengthen the blockwork, it’s all about getting the minimum 180 slump concrete into the blocks & the use of a pockered vibrator ensures that the ready-mix gets all the way down to the lowest point in your build.

The following day you are free to take on the next 9 courses & so the structure starts to take place. Every nine courses and you then pour ready-mix. The build is a lot quicker. There is only 1 blockwork, so no need for a 2nd skin. No need for Cavity wall-ties, no need for a separate insulation, no need for retaining discs.

Party-walls can be wet plastered to give a db. of 63 decibels (45 required for the pass rate) or you can dab sound-block plasterboard or go for a 70mm metal stud system with RWA45 to really get way passed the mark.

Having used this system once, I would be happy to stay with this system – There are some really good advantages to the build, as detailed above.

If you are looking for a build that gives you some many plusses, then look no further than the Durisol block system & look no further than RedbayTQ for your total build project. We cover Devon & Cornwall and we welcome your enquiry as the start of a very good build relationship.

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