New Project The Osborne Hotel

The Osborne Hotel

I would let you all know just how week 1 has gone.

Its always going to be the slowest week, when you 1st start a job, or i sincerely hope so !

Its amazing just how much rubbish has come off the walls & floors and has been taken to the skip.

We have completed Athlone & Broomfield & have Darwin & Partridge all gunned off !!

It leaves us to have a day of taking the tiles to the skip & getting head boards, back boards & baths out of the rooms. Hopefully we will have completed this by 4pm tomorrow. We have completed the 4 rooms, taking the bathrooms back to the original timbers, therefore getting rid of the double / triple layers of tiles and plasterboard and the lath & plaster.

The plasterer has started his works in Athlone, with new boards on the walls. He should have the walls & ceiling skimmed by tomorrow but if there’s a little bit to do then it will be Monday morning. He will move on to the next bathroom & so on & so on

I will look to get another plasterer on board to start in the corridor, Unless Robbie tells me, he has it under control ! – We have fixed up another plasterer to start work in the lower corridor (the stippled area’s ) for Wednesday and will be completed by Friday.

The Tiler will be on site Monday 6pm to take a look at the tiling that will be required. This will give me a good idea, as to where he will be at the end of every week ! The tiler will start on Wednesday. We have sanitaryware arriving next week for the rooms, including 6 baths.

With 3 to do on the 2nd floor next week & the 3 on the lower floor (without bathrooms) – we should stay on schedule

Exciting times ahead.

Stay tuned

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