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Week ending 9th November 2018


Penwill way, Paignton

Last week saw the carpenters arrive on site and the bracing of the roof started. Vertical 4×2 timbers were put into place, every 400mm and were bolted to the existing roof rafters. This allowed us to take out the large purlins either side and give us some much wanted space.
The concrete blocks were taken out in the gable walls, and concrete padstones put in place, ready for the Steel beam & post.
This arrived on Thursday, coming in three sections & bolted together on site. Each section was put into place and with the beam level, ARC Welding fixed the post and beam into place.
With everything in place, the masonry taken out to allow for the beams, was built back into place.
The carpentry skills of Steve Clement, our regular chippy put he horizontal bracing into place, again using 4×2 timbers every 400mm.
With all the works done, Steve went home to put together the stairs to the room in the roof. !

Bradley, Holcombe

The weather played havoc with a lot of what we wanted to do but it didn’t stop Steve from getting the fascia boards fixed into place & the Rainclear Zambelli Ali style guttering into place.
Inside of the property & the downstairs walls were being plasterboarded & skimmed. With all windows & doors fixed with polythene, as we wait for the Aluminium windows, the guys gave this their 100% effort.
With the floor insulated & screeded, we now turn our attentions to the boiler, cylinder, expansion vessel and the manifold to pick up the under floor heating …..more to follow next week.

Grange road, Torquay

Handrails were put into place this week, with Roger & Dave leading the lads into battle and i am sure the steps climbed have reached more than 10,000 !!!
70mm metal studs, along with 75mm RWA45 Insulation & 15mm Sound board, added to the party wall area, will make sure that the sound test will be met. With this happening next week, it will be time for us to hand over this project to the client.
Stay tuned next week for more bloggs & pictures

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