18 November Weekly update

Grange road, Torquay

Just a few bits to finish off, but generally Grange road is finished. The houses sold within a month of them going on the market. A local guy, who wanted to buy one of the properties, said that they were built 10 x better than the site he was currently working on. That was fantastic to hear. Sometimes, pictures don’t always give you a true reflection of a place, so hopefully the picture I have sent over, will give you a decent perspective of the houses.

Penwill way, Paignton

A busy week, with more bracing, Insulating & fire proofing the steel, Fire boarding around the steel and getting ready to put the Roof windows in place. The cut out of the timbers happened Wednesday, The guys putting 4 Roof lights in on Thursday and a good tidy up on Friday. In this time, the Carpenter was putting together the new stairs, to fit into the room in the roof and avoid having to put in place the silly little dormer roof !

Cozy Kitchens, Newton Abbot.

More work carried out, with kitchens 5 & 6 started. The showroom really is coming together. Different colours in each of the kitchen areas are giving out some amazing kitchen ideas. Can’t wait to see these completed. Electricians were in and taking out fluorescents and putting in bespoke lighting.

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